Language support

You can easily change the language of the blocking dialog or add your own language. Some languages are supported out of the box in this open source repository. If you decide to add a new one, we would be grateful if you add it to the open source repo to help others as well.

Supported languages:

  • English (default)
  • Arabic (ar)
  • Turkish (tr)


  1. Download the language of your choice from the list of languages in this repo.
  2. Import the language and pass it as the language parameter to the attach function.
  3. If you need RTL, set rtl to true in the attach parameters.


Here's an example for localizing to Arabic:

import arabic from "./ar.js";await Sabil.attach({  client_id: `clientId.value`,  user: `user.value`,  language: arabic,  rtl: true,});

Adding a supported language

We welcome any new language support for the Sabil community. To add a new language, please create a PR with a single js file that exports a default object with the following keys:

export default {  limit_exceeded_title: "",  limit_exceeded_subtitle: "",  current: "",  os: "",  last_active: "",  actions: "",  logout: "",  status: "",  attached: "",};


It's important to get pluralization correct. Sabil libraries support pluralization automatically. Please ensure you enter any pluralization in the following format:

  • "text {n} for single | text {n} for two | text {n} for many"
  • You can add as many separators | as needed for proper pluralization
  • Important there must be a space before and after the | character