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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you offer annual billing and discounts?

    Yes, we offer annual billing and discounts. Please contact us for further details.

  • How many API calls do I need?

    You should call the API on every page you want Sabil to prevent/monitor account sharing. For most project this means all logged-in pages. Use page-views in your analytics tool to estimate the number of API calls you'll need. If you need assistance estimating the number of API calls you need for your project, please contact us

  • What is an API call?

    An API call is any call you make to the Sabil APIs . For example, attaching, detaching, and identifying a device are all API calls.

  • How many users/devices can Sabil handle?

    Sabil's infrastructure is fully auto-scalable. It can handle hundreds of millions of users and devices. Our API response time is guaranteed to be under 100ms.

  • What are the rate limits for the API usage?

    For production mode, the rate limit is 100 requests per second. This will increase automatically if your project needs it. If you need much larger limits, please reach out to Development mode keys have a much lower rate.

  • Can you provide support integrating Sabil?

    Yes. If you need assistance integrating Sabil, please contact us. We will send you a link to schedule a live call with an engineer who can guide you to integrate Sabil onto your product in minutes.

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