What is Sabil?

Sabil is is an account sharing monitoring and prevention tool with the highest accuracy, least effort, and without losing users. It keeps track of the user devices; if they exceed the limit, it prompts them to log out before proceeding. You can also use it to block individual devices for specific accounts or upsell them to unlock higher device limits. Every part is configurable!

What does Sabil mean?

Sabil is Arabic for path. Generally refers to the correct path. Because account sharing is not the "correct path" to using products, we thought it appropriate to name the product Sabil to help users find the "correct path".

How did it all start?

Hi I'm Ahmed 👋. I'm the founder of Sabil. I started Sabil because my previous startup suffered from account sharing. I lost 35% of revenue because of account sharing.

I searched the web over and over again for a tool that can easily detect and prevent account sharing but could not find anything. So I started building a tool for myself. I soon discovered that it was incredibly difficult to build a reliable and accurate solution for account sharing prevention. So I recruited the most talented people I know (ex-Twitter, ex-NASA, ex-Strava, ...etc) and they helped me develop a proprietary technology to identify and prevent account sharing without upsetting users.

I discovered that many companies wanted to use our solution so we decided to open it up for the world.

You can find me here: