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Prevent subscription abuse and account sharing with the highest accuracy and lowest effort while keeping customer satisfaction high.


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Am I losing money to account sharing?

Most likely, yes. But you can use Sabil to find out exactly how much account sharing is costing you (i.e. your growth opportunity) and capture that opportunity with little effort, risk free.

Many times, users share accounts because it's convenient. It's your responsibility to put a system in place to monitor account sharing and direct users to subscribe instead of use someone else's account.

$75B Lost
annually from account sharing
20% Growth
in revenue with account sharing prevention
guaranteed risk free investment

Sabil Features

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Account Sharing Analytics

Get historical view of your account sharing problem and the direction to learn whether what your doing is working or not.

User Device Management

Know if a single device is being used to create multiple accounts with high accuracy. Use this information to prevent fraud and repeat trials and more.

Conversion Detection

Know which users converted after they were account sharing and track exactly how much you're earning after account sharing prevention.

Whitelist Devices

Allow your staff to impersonate users for help & support while excluding their devices from being attached to the users.

Prevention & Up-sell UI

Spend less development time and rely on our optimized prevention and up-selling UI with full customizability.

Realtime Infrastructure

Device log outs & preventions happen in real-time. We provide the entire real-time infrastructure for you.

How Sabil works

Simply integrate Sabil APIs into your project, and we'll handle everything else.

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Why choose Sabil?

Sabil gives you the ability to monitor and prevent account sharing with 10X the speed, at 10th of the size and at 10th the price it would otherwise need.

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