A representation of a device information.

Device vs. Device Identity Every device has an identity called "Device Identity". Device identities are unique across your project, meaning that no two identities are the same. However, any devices that share the same identity can be assumed to be one physical device.



The ID of the device generated by Sabil.


The device identity. This is not unique. Any devices sharing the same identity can safely be assumed to a single actual device.


Details containing the type of device and user agent among a few other useful information used to display device icons and help the user recognize the device.


The user ID to whom this device is linked.


The status of the device. Possible values:

  • attached
  • detached

Created At

The date this device was first added to the system.

Created At

The date this device was last updated in the system.


The latest metadata that was passed in any identify or attach request using this device.

SDK Syntax

const {  id: String,  identity: String,  info: SabilDeviceInfo,  user: User.ID,  status: String,  createdAt: Date,  updatedAt: Date,  metadata: Map<String, String>} = Device;