Access history


Use this API endpoint to get the access history. You must include at least one and up to three of the following filters: user, device, and identity

  • path: /proj/access-history
  • method: GET
  • Base URL:
  • parameters:
    • project_id: The ID of your project
  • headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer <api_secret>: where secret is the raw API secret you get when generating an API key.

      Never reveal your secret on the client side. Only make this call from a secure server.

  • query (filters):
    • per: A number between 1 and 50 indicating how many results you'd like per page.
    • page: The page number you're querying for. Each response will include the current page and the total number of pages, so you can use that to guide your next requests.
    • user *: The ID of the user you'd like to get the access for.
    • device *: The ID of the device to get history for.
    • identity *: The device identity to get the access history for.

      * At least one filter is required. You must pass at least one of the values with * next to them. You can pass up to all three.

  • response: The response from this endpoint will be:
    {  "docs": [    {      "_id": "633443fa96c1b648bfc29625", // the access id      "signed": false,      "device": {        "_id": "633443f596c1b648bfc2916a",        "user": "633443f5fd85e259023d7827",        "project": "632c919b3c0a10dc53dcaa75",        "info": {          "ua": "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:12.0) Gecko/20120502 Firefox/12.0 SeaMonkey/2.9.1",          "browser": {            "name": "SeaMonkey",            "version": "2.9.1",            "major": "2"          },          "engine": { "name": "Gecko", "version": "12.0" },          "os": { "name": "Linux", "version": "i686" },          "device": { "vendor": null, "model": null, "type": null },          "cpu": { "architecture": "ia32" }        },        "status": "attached",        "metadata": {},        "createdAt": "2022-09-28T12:54:13.510Z",        "updatedAt": "2022-10-12T13:53:23.287Z",        "__v": 0,        "identity": null      },      "project": "632c919b3c0a10dc53dcaa75",      "user": "633443f5fd85e259023d7827",      "api_key": "632f6444952b1dbf850fd6f9",      "confidence": 0.9714285714285714,      "version": "2",      "createdAt": "2022-09-28T12:54:18.757Z",      "updatedAt": "2022-09-28T12:54:18.757Z",      "__v": 0    }  ],  "totalDocs": 11,  "limit": 10,  "totalPages": 2,  "page": 1,  "pagingCounter": 1,  "hasPrevPage": false,  "hasNextPage": true,  "prevPage": null,  "nextPage": 2}